Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Stupid me!

I always fly high in whom later dropped. What do you think? sick? course. But what I think you did not necessarily taste. Maybe everyone can say 'you're not the best for me' but I always try to make you the best.

Try to open your eyes you have me here who love you. You never feel or how? you numb bleak to me. This is very sick. Will I pass it all?

Will I?
Will I?
Will I?
All depends on me. But I already love you

People can be blinded by love. And I began to experience what is said by those words. Too heavy to know that without restraint has ended. I am like a blind eye to all this reality

Could you find out what I think. I was wrong? maybe you already know what I think but you like to pretend do not know about all this. Evil? maybe not that bad but I heart you are evil

When you think this feeling like my heart is feeling your heart. I want time with you but that is not approved. But I always wanted to make you happy with what I do. Will you be mine. I want to own you

Maybe it's like a nightmare for me to love people who can't love myself. Oh god give the best for me. If her can't be mine, let her get the best

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