Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Could really said as a "best friend"?

In the past…. When friends are everything. They're the best. Telling everything all to them. Spending time together. Maybe one of the happiness is having own best friend in this world, being the most beautiful in all of life. Maybe very difficult to explain how our love for our own best friend. Even our love to them wasn’t able to count with fingers.

A time when our friends started going one by one and leave us alone. Isn’t that so sad?Maybe they already have their own business. They have a way to spend the day. Or maybe they already don’t remember us. Still remember the words "When there's a new friend then an old friend can be forgotten" it is most might happen with our friends.

Having a loveable friend is such a happiness for own
. Having friends to share happiness and sadness. Friends who know us when we sad and try to cheer us with their own way. Haha How happy we are when still has a friend like that. Now? Maybe there's still one of the best friends we still have. Keep one person and keep our friends ever.

Be thankful if we still have a friend who could really be said as afriend”. Love our friends as they love us. Not just a special day that we can love our best friend.
From friends who've missed you

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